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Проблемы с текстурами


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3DC will look at UV tiles as UDIMs, and will allow you to import and export them. The function is currently called "Import UV Tiles as UV Sets".

That said, when you import your file, tick the box "Import UV TIles as UV Sets", and it will import all of your tiles and rename them according to their UDIMs.

Then also when you're done and exporting, tick the box "Export UV Sets as UV Tiles", this will keep the UDIM imported tiles and the names assigned to them upon import.

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The team behind 3D-Coat have released a special application for modding weapons from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The program offers a powerful toolset for quality drawing and rendering, creating a whole set of files for the game client, which in turn allows you to instantly open the models in the CS:GO workshop.

Contact the developers behind the program at resell@3dcoat.com

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