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WIP Demo level for the Banshee game engine

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I've been working on creating a demo level for the new Banshee Engine (www.banshee3d.com)

The engine is not yet ready and still in development. Since I started it, I'm building the application from source (github) as the developer update it and add features...

Everything you see is still wip. Once the Banshee Engine will release the final version, I will post the completed level pictures...

All of the model geometry started from 3DS Max, then the UV and painting were done inside 3D Coat. 3D Coat has been incredible to help me add those details and have  really nice textures. I had to resort of only using 3DS Max for the bigger parts (like the walls, floor and ceiling), because those parts needed tiled textures.

This is some sort of underground base, with a spaceship inside. I plan to have more room (hangar with lifting platform and perhaps a bar). Later we would add some interaction like opening the doors, and lighting up the level (all is dynamic and using a PBR pipeline) There is no light baking and all is rendered from the engine in real time. There is more than 100+ light in this scene.

Since the ship and all of the level are made by parts; here is the cabin interior from the 3D Coat interface:

Here is the game editor interface with the ship interior:


Here are from the game camera:



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