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Normal Maps looking weird in unity


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How a thing looks in 3d coat, how it looks in unity. and the normals.
What am i doing wrong? Is it that it get's weird when relying on normals rather than sharp edges cause unity can't handle that well? 

This is only weird on the normals i baked in from a high res model and also only on some of the places. 





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I finally got a chance to look at the model in question

There are missing faces marked by "X" in the picture. Add them.

The front frame horizontal sections where they are butting the vertical edges are just dangling in space. The top sections of the polygons are connected but not the bottom part. This will cause rendering errors.  Marked with the circles in the picture. Fix this and look for any other areas where you might have these type of errors. I did not check everywhere.

There are a whole bunch of Non-Planar polygons which of course will lead to rendering errors. I ran a find and fix non-plannar polygons in another software package. Fix this too. 

Also delete RetopoGroup1 in the retopo objects tab. There are a few interior invisible polygons that show up in my other modeling software. 

On the outside sides the sides are bent quite a bit. They are triangulated but with a bend that extreme you will have a rendering shading issue. Not 3DC or Unity's problem there. Another fixing.

I generally do not have problems in 3DC to Unity 5 in the normal maps etc etc.  


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