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How to Pan with MacBook Pro Trackpad?


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I'm new to 3D Coat & MacBook Pro and love both. I'm working through lots of 3D Coat tutorials & docs, but so far have not found an answer for the following:

To work exclusively without a mouse and just trackpad, I've set my default camera navigation to "3D Coat."

I can zoom & rotate fine with the trackpad, but to pan, is there a way to use the trackpad with or preferably without a key like "Option" etc.?



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Thanks houGenie!

I did customize the navigation, but I couldn't find a way to do it with just the trackpad without keys. 

I did see that within the "customize navigation" area, there was not yet an assignment for SHIFT+ALT+RMB, so I added that for "move in screen space." That works, so I just need to get used to it. 

For any other MacBook Pro users, here's what I did:


Image 2018-01-12 07-49-58.png

Image 2018-01-12 07-51-17.png

Square01.3b* - 3D-COAT 4.8.04(GL64) 2018-01-12 07-56-31.png

Of course on Mac, Option key = ALT key.

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