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Textured Cylinder- help needed


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Hello everybody.
I have a problem with making something really important for me and I can't find any tutorial for my idea.

I don't have much experience with 3D-Coat or any other 3D software (so yeah, noob questions alert).

I would be delighted if there was anyone who could help me.


My goal- I would like to make a textured cylider with a seamless texture (real geometry), using Alphas or Stencils, without any stretching etc.
I wonder if there is any good and fast way to achieve it.

I'm really sory if it's a silly or way-too-noobish question.



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When using stencils/smart materials you can change the mapping type via a dropdown menu in the Preview options panel (use the Settings button to access controls for texture scaling and positioning)


Once you have your stencil mapping set up correctly select the  Extrude tool (or a similar tool) with Stroke mode set to one of the selection/lasso tools and make sure that your Extrude Direction is set to Vertex Normal and that Ignore Back Faces is turned off in the Strokes panel, then drag a selection over your object.


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1 hour ago, Heksagon said:

It worked. You're awesome, thank you very very much!

Small question: how many triangles do you have on your object? I'm struggling with the details on mine.

I normally settle for something between 1 million and 4 million triangles (the cylinder in that example was around 1.5 million I believe).

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