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Numpad viewport shortcuts doesn`t work

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I`m new to 3D coat. Early on I find many inconsistencies between tutorials (specifically shortcuts) and my own version of 3Dcoat.

Problem 1: Using numpad keys to switch view (top, bottom, right, left, front, back) does not work. However, when clicking "camera" and selecting one of them, they DO work. Even more confusing, not only do they work there, but they indicate that the Numpad numbers are indeed the correct shortcuts. They just don`t work. Instead, they`ll gradually pan my viewport (8 = pan up, 2= pan down, etc., like arrow keys)

Problem 2: my wacom pen has a button assigned as "MMB", but it doesn`t pan at all, even holding down ALT, in the 3Dcoat viewport. The pen works well in other programs, but it feels like 3Dcoat is overriding the tablet settings somehow...

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Which 3DC version are you using, Windows, MacOS or Linux

Which Navigation version are you using, 3DC"s default one or have you selected another under Camera---Custom Navigation.

Windows version here. beta 4.8.10

Numpad for view works on my end. Sorry for the question but can happen to us all. Do you have NumLock turned off?

My Tablet pen buttons work for panning (MMB) and zoom (RMB) 

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