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[Solved] 3DCoat HP to LP workflow

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Hi All, just using some free time at work to get some things sorted in my brain. 

I am a relatively new user of 3D coat and am really enjoying it. Sometimes I get a bit frustrated with the different rooms inside it and how things change but it's coming along. Out of curiosity I am just wonder what the proper workflow is to go from HP to LP game ready asset. 

Is this correct;

- Sculpt HP in sculpt room

- Retopo LP in Retopo room

- UV Retopo

- Bake Normal Map

- Paint HP in paint room

- Bake Textures (little confused on how to bake in the paint room with the options in the Texture menu.)

I've only used Substance before to bake and paint. Thanks for your help.




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You got it almost right. 

Sculpt Hp in sculpt room. Correct.

retopo low in Retopo room. Correct. 

Create your uv seams in the Retopo room and unwrap for uv set.

Bake for the normal map. Correct.

Paint HP in paint room. In the above workflow, incorrect to paint HP. The HP sculpt in the sculpt room appears in the paint room. Turn off showing it in the paint room. View menu, near the bottom or hide it from the vox tree tab. The reason the HP appears in the paint room is for polypainting (vertex painting) which you are not doing in this case. 

No need to bake textures in the paint room. All textures and further normal map work is applied in Realtime. You are painting on the low polygon model with the baked normal map applied.

Once done with your work, File menu---- export objects and textures.

Here is a video series you might like. Video is one year old. So of course there has been some changes but this is a good series.

 Look through the listed videos on the right and watch what you need.  23 videos in all.

By the way in the newest beta the problem with the fill tool depth not being the same as the preview window shows is fixed now. 


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