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[Solved] Need help with baking and AO issues

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I do not know how to fix this , i have been at it for hours. I can provide the save for anyone interest in trying to fix or maybe someone can tell me. Every time i bake i get either a super weird normal map and very weird AO that has weird artifacts in it or is just  white and black splotches. The normal map looks like it is covered in small bumps or the eye lids are screwed up with other parts doing the same. I am not sure what to do after 4 hours of trying to get it to work. Even if i just try to AO the sculpt and not the retopo with sculpt it does it. here are some pictures. I just want to paint it , export it all to blender and add hair there ( i think it would be easiest to do with some of the tools in blender for hair ). this is only my 3rd sculpt in here. 3d coat is the first program i have sculpted in and it is a awesome program so far. this is also my first time retopoing so im sure some of it is messed up to. those are just 3 times of issues i had even other ones where inside breast had very dark spots on AO and i do not know how to fix, i smoothed to hoping that would fix.




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nope it is not, would that make the bake on retopo mess up? when i tried to bake the voxel model though to get a AO i hide the retopo model and it still bakes weird the AO. here is newest try to finnaly get a picture of the problem between breast, i have smoothed the crap out of it, done several things to fix i do not know what is going on.


Edit : i found a hole there on breast in retopo version.. i am a idiot and found some other issues in the voxel model so that might be causing some of the issues, trying to fix atm

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sorry i just now saw your message carlosan i have been sick for a good while. Watching lots of blender videos learning it better. there was some opens and i did the mirror wrong so it had holes in the mesh so the ao did not know what to do.

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  • Carlosan changed the title to [Solved] Need help with baking and AO issues

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