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Help: Highpoly to Lowpoly Texture Baking Problems


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Hey, I'm new to 3dCoat but so far it's an awesome program.

I have some problems though:

I'm trying to bake textures from high to lowpoly models (with different UVs) for unity and webgl. Using the Texture Baking Tool works for color/albedo and normal maps, but how do I get my other maps from high to lowpoly? Metallic, Roughness, Oclussion, Height etc.

Since both models have different UVs and Topology, I can't simply export the other maps from the other menu options (file / export objects and textures and textures / export). They wouldn't fit my lowpoly model? Or am I getting something wrong here as I'm new to this.


Thanks for the Help,


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I have requested several times that the texture baking tool be upgraded to support the PBR workflow. So far that has not happpened. It is needs to be  upgraded. I would send to support requesting the upgrading of the tool. You can mention me too in the need for the tool to be improved. At one time it was mentioned on removing the tool but I still believe it has good production uses.

There Is another method that I figured out but that is easier to show through Skype with screen sharing than trying to type it...

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