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Stylized Bonzai

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Hi everyone,

Just started working on my first sculpt :D We are developing an app at work which will feature a "Japanese garden" widget. It's supposed to be a minimal realtime-3d environment where the user can play as a landscape architect. 

My process:

  1. Curves tool for base trunk shape
  2. Draw and Pinch tool for trunk detailing
  3. Blob tool for leaves
  4. Texturing with custom shader (use cavity)

Any thoughts / feedback is most welcome!

Also if you guys have some tips about getting it ready for the paint room that would be great. My final model for the app will probably be one low-poly mesh

  • Should i go for AUTOPO or do a manual retopo? 
  • From the retopo room, does a "Bake w/Normal Map (per pixel)" also bake the shader colors or only normal?








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Used AUTOPO to get a ±1800 quads model (aimed for 2k). Still need to dig into the retopo/uv room. I've baked with "Name Corresponding" and this created a single new UV set. Baking can also use your manual UV set right?

Anyways there's enough room for improvement but I'm quite happy with the result.



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