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Pen pressure stops working bug?


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Hey. So I've been having an issue with the pen pressure stop working when i switch between programs. 

The settings are all correct. Itll just turn off(without turning the pen pressure icon to the off state), and it will randomly start working again after a few mintues. It's frustrating to have pen pressure one second and then not. Then being forced to wait and crossing your fingers it will decide to work again. Toggling pen pressure has no effect on whether or not the pen pressure will return. 

I do not believe this is an issue with my cintiq, since photoshop and zbrush work fine.

I'm on a mac, and use a cintiq 13HD

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

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You are on Mac but what operating system are you using: Windows or macOS? Such problem sometimes happens under Windows because of incorrectly working WinTab driver which "3D-Coat" uses by default. The problem fixes by enabling "TabletPC" instead of "WinTab" inside "3D-Coat > Edit > Preferences > Tablet Library > TabletPC".
Please contact me directly "support DOT linux AT 3dcoat DOT com".

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