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Hi, last year I evaluated 3D Coat. Forgot about it and a couple of days ago I bought the Amateur Edition :)

I have a few questions, maybe you can help me:

  1. I want to import a .fbx model into the paint room (via the start up wizard => pixel paint). The model ist REALLY big. In Blender it's ~1 Blender unit. Importing it into the sculpt room, the model is rather small. How do I fix this?! I want to use 3D Coat for Texture Painting primarily at the moment.
  2. I guess having a huge model in the paint room, will make the PBR Albedo maps more blurry?
  3. I am using the Amateur Edition. The Shop page said it's limited to 7 Layers, But I can create a lot of layers. Will have issues exporting later on, when using more than 7 layers?!
  4. Can you recommend some good 3D Coat Video Training(s)/Tutorials. I prefer straight to the point tutorials over 40 minutes on how to use every tool?
  5. Is it normal, when importing a fbx model into the sculpt room, that all the edges are sharp? (I marked them all as smooth in Blender, import into the paint room has smooth edges).


Another question:

The Smart Material Preview seems to show the highest quality possible. Fter applying it, it looks rather blurry/low res. Guess it has something to to with my texture size (2048)? Or is it possible to shrink the PBR texture?! I am using a skin material with moles, which don't even show up when applied:








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