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[Solved] Import gives me tris instead of quads

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I have a base model in Blender, exported as .fbx (and reimported to test if everything is fine, yes it is).

Importing it into 3D Coat (Surface Sculpting) I get a model made out of tris instead of quads:


What am I doing wrong here?

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Doing nothing wrong at all. 3DC in the sculpt in room converts quads to triangles. The workflow is not quad based like Zbrush. 

The tri model on the left would be the one to increase the tri count to sculpt on, plus the the live-clay tools have localized dynamic tessellation on the fly.

The model on the right could be imported into the retopo room to become your retopo mesh for baking the normal or displacement map to the paint room.

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Ah okay, thanks for the answer. I sure have to get my workflow straight. I planned this:

  • Import base mesh
  • Manipulate it in 3D Coat
  • Texture it
  • Export it to Blender
  • Rig it in Blender
  • Animate in Blender
  • Import to Unity

Guess I have to include a retopo step also? Or is 3D Coat able to track my mesh changes, when I also import the model in the retopo room? 

Also, since Unity has .blend file auto imports it would be really convenient to end up in Blender in the end.

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Yes, a retopo step will need to be added since you are rigging and animating. Need a good edge flow mesh either a imported one or a manual retopo one. Autopo is good but will not give an ideal mesh for animation.

Mesh changes can be followed in a couple of ways with the retopo mesh already imported into the retopo room.  This would be my preferred method over importing the retopo mesh at the end of the sculpting. You can snap the retopo mesh to the changes but I do not think it will be as accurate as the one method below. Though we all know that than can vary according to model. Just do what works best in the end.

1. Large scale changes with the Move, Transform or Pose tool, the retopo mesh will conform to the changes if what is shown in the picture is selected. "Conform Retopo Mesh" The retopo mesh will be shown in the sculpt room as you make changes.

2. Minor changes. You can switch to the retopo room, use the brush tool, slightly move the polygons and they will re-snap to the changes., After that use the brush tool with the shift key held down to relax the part of the retopo mesh you just conformed. Make several changes again in the sculpt room jump back to the retopo room, conform the mesh. Just keep rinsing and repeating.

Of course in making major changes in the end you might have to add more polygons to the mesh. The conform feature does not recalculate just conforms the mesh.

Picture on the right is just for demo to give you an idea of what I posted about.



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Thank you very much for the advice. I am exited to test it when I am back home! Looks promising. :)



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