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[Solved] Delete (paint) layer broken ?

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In the paint room, I have a particular layer with an old retopo-bake that need`s deleting.

The delete button does delete other layers, but not this particular layer.

(There are newer, baked layers in the list, so deleting this particular layer would not leave the room empty of content or other layers)


Deleting "Layer 0" is seems impossible.

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You are missing the Paint Objects and Surface Materials tabs. Sometimes those two tabs will disappear, not sure the reason why. 

Upper UI ---- Windows Menu --- Reset this page to default.

You can now under the Paint Objects tab delete the model in the paint room. 

1. Delete the Model

2. Click on the "X" shown in the picture and all your unused layers will be deleted.  Layer "0" can not be deleted. Also a curvature map will generally not be deleted but you can create a new curvature map when needed under the Textures menu.

FYI--- Never do any work on Layer "0". It is reserved for 3DC use only. 



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