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[Solved] Naming and moving Layers vox tree in Retopo Room

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I have been looking around for an answer on the forums, but can't seem to find what I am looking for. I  have my Hp model and my Lp model in the retopo room. I have sorted the seems and I am trying to organise the  Hp models layers in the vox tree to align up with my layers on my retopo model so I can then try out baking.

I have grouped things together on my retopo layers and named them: Lp Body (etc) my body on that layer consists of several retopo objects. I need to get the layers in the vox tree layer to correspond. 

I have tried my renaming a layer, then finding the next layer that needs to be in there by merging/move to, however sometimes it has said boolean failed. Am I doing this wrong? I don't fully understand which process I am supposed to be using? Do I have to name a layer- make it a parent , then move the layer to go underneath it? I am confused. All my vot tree layers have the letter S on them.

Any advice much appreciated, thank you..:)

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The "S" means Surface mode and is the reason for your boolean problems. Click the letter and the volume will change to Voxel mode. A generous increase in the voxel density well insure details survive. Besides working backward to the usual (naming Voxel volumes after the retopo objects) this conversion to voxels will expedite your booleans.

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