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Good day,

I was following AMD products for some time, although I always was Intel / Nvidia user, I decided to switch to a latest Ryzen / Radeon pro setup. I have discovered that it is working surprisingly well and are indeed match to a latest Intel / Nvidia tech. From all my software library, the only application that is underperforming , compared to Intel / Nvidia setup is 3DCoat.

I've tested it without using CUDA on Ryzen 1800x / Radeon pro VF setup vs Intel i7 7700k / Nvidia GTX 1080 (CUDA off, although CUDA-ON haven't showed any performance improvements).  GTX 1080, even being an older hardware with lower specs outperforms Radeon pro in 3DCoat, but in every other application Radeon pro is almost twice faster due to a higher specs and latest hardware tech.I also have discovered that GL64 mode is having a better performance on both, Nvidia and AMD card compared to DX. The difference in FPS is 21 (AMD 16gb Radeon pro) vs 52 (Nvidia 8gb GTX1080) on the same 40 million polygon scene (GL64).

My thoughts are that 3DCoat is optimized to work with Intel / Nvidia  hardware, and making that had a total sense due to a lack of a good tech from AMD last years. However it is not the case now. 

My suggestion or rather question, if its possible to optimize 3DCoat  for the latest tech from AMD? Maybe utilize something that already have been done for MAC version of 3DCoat, since latest iMAC pro is using exactly AMD Radeon pro hardware, and reportedly it works really well with this setup.

Other suggestion would be to switch from CUDA to OpenCL to speed up calculations. This way 3DCoat will be able utilize not only video cards from Nvidia, AMD, but even discrete solutions like intel's HD series. 

Additionally I've noticed that most of the calculations while sculpting are utilizing only one core of the CPU, which is a shame (or it is related to a bad optimization for AMD tech?).

Anyway, apart from that, I am really enjoying working in 3DCoat. If only it could perform better on latest hardware.




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It would be good to send your findings to Andrew (support@3dcoat.com), and see what he has to say. I use a Ryzen 7 1700X (running at 3.8Ghz) 32GB of 3200mhz RAM + GTX 1080. I had problems with my AMD card, on a few CG apps, several years ago. I bought a comparable Nvidia card and had no such problems. For this reason, I have stuck with NVidia cards ever since.

I'm glad AMD is competing hard with NVidia, but IMHO, their main focus is on gaming, and the GPU compute side of things isn't as much of a priority as it is with NVidia. Plus, practically all GPU renderers can use NVidia cards. Not so with AMD.

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Thanks of advice, I'll send message to Andrew.

As for AMD cards, now they have RPR (Radeon pro render), which is an analog for something like OCTANE render: https://pro.radeon.com/en/software/prorender/ I guess they are trying get back to a rendering for professionals. I am not on either side, Nvidia and AMD are just a companies, at the end of the day I will use tech which is best suited for my needs.

My choice for Radeon pro Vega was based on 16GB Video memory which is a life changer for a heavy models texturing in Substance painter | Substance designer. Currently it is still the only affordable video card with 16Gb of video ram.

I was surprised that Radeon pro render is really fast, the same experience I had with CUDA based renders (Octane, iRay), and it directly woks with UE4. I wish they could make a plugin for 3DCoat too ;)

Thanks for the info! 

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