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Feature request: change stroke mode while baking (adjusting scan depth)

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To bake parts of my retopo separately, I need to select them and bake while the option "bake selected only" is checked.

Naturally I select a rectangular lasso for this. Then I start baking.

That`s when 3D Coat awkwardly insists on keeping the rectangular select tool instead of letting me use my cursor to adjust scan depth. If I could only use the a regular stroke mode, I could paint as usual.

So basically, you need to abort the whole baking process, switch stroke mode, then re-enter.

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Good request  The focused window would not override the ablity to change the brush.

There are other ways to select your retopo object layers for your FYI.  Shown in the picture. "Select all faces on this layer" 

Select by Uv islands using a regular brush to select them. Not as efficient as the above. 

You must be under the  UV section for this method to work. Select by clicking on a Retopo mesh face in the UI. It will select the UV  island it is associated with. When a face is highlighted, then you click.  Be a little careful not to select an edge as it will create a uv seam.  Hold down the shift key to add to your selections of uv islands.

My method though it is always an artist call.

1. First,  I do my corrective projection cage work using the feature shown in the second picture. 

2. Once done with the corrective projection cage tweaking,  I select the retopo meshes by one of above mentioned methods. Then I run  Bake ---- Bake  w/  Normal Map (Per Pixel).



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