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Multiple UVs Import

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Hi there folks, I know similar things have been asked before and I have read a followed those threads to no avail so I am starting my own post with a hope to get some help on the issue.
Here is my workflow.
I sculpt a model in the sculpt room (Made of more than one Object) > Decimate the mesh's a bit > Import for Per Pixel Painting >
Then it squashes all my object into one UV. I would like 3Dcoat to take the separate meshes within the Exported .obj and place them on there own UV Island.


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Auto mapping at import will only create one UV texture set even if it shows that there will be more than one because you have sub objects in the file.

One method:

After importing, You can create more uv sets in the uv room, move the correct uv islands to those uv sets. Return to the paint room and  you will be ask to update the uv set. 

Now you will have more than one uv set. 

If the model is large in polygon count then the uv room is slower in  mouse movements.

There are other ways to get uv sets created but this one will work.

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