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Feature requests - UV Room - Multiple UDIM tiles automatic pack UV tool


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Hi, I would like to propose a development idea for tool
to automatically pack UV in multiple UDIM tiles. 
I am working at VFX office and some of "hero assets"  need to use multiple UDIM tiles ( 10-50 x4K maps).
We missing in 3dcoat tool which could help us with that. We have to  process models through Houdini to be able to paint multi-udim in Mari.
I would like to ask if it would be possible to add this kind of option to 3dcoat to skip this additional step for us in houdini.

Few example of tool which I would love to have in 3d coat:
modo example: 

houdini example:

maya (at 7:28) example: 

Please let me know If you need more specyfics or more info about this idea.

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Hi , Thank you for quick answer. So according to wideo which you shared:

Can you create a tool to automatically pack uv and create multiple uv sets in 3d coat ( to be equivalent of mutli-UDIM tools which I refereed in my examples)?

 If its possible to 'adapt 3d coat native workflow' to get workflow from another apps 

1. Stage unwrap of a object

2. then specify how many unique uv sets we want ( UDIMs)

3. confirm the choice and the 3d coat will automatically create desired numbers of uv sets , rename them and automatically spread uv islands through them

4. soo when I will load object with applink in 3ds max I will get multiudim layout


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On 6/28/2017 at 12:21 PM, digman said:

3DC has no true internal UDIM tiling creation like Maya or similar applications.

You can import UDIM as tiles " Import Tiles as uv sets"  3DC will create a UV set for each tile.

When exporting choose, " Export UV sets as Tiles" and they will be put back in a tiling order.



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Thank Carlosan for all your help. 
I understand that in current stage of development of 3d coat-  UDIM support is a some walk around.
You already answer me how to import and export UDIM using upsets.Thank you for that.

My question is:

Would be possible to add function to pack UV to multiple UVset automatically?

In wideo which you shared is shown how to make this manually and I would like to have some automatic solution
because if you need to unwrap and unpack let say  20 object with 30 uv-sets each in 1h
that manual approach is not cost effective and tedious.

workflow example:
After you unwrap a model you can specify in "new too"l that you would like to pack this islands based of they size to fill for example 4 uv sets.
Then 3d coat should calculate optimal position and rotation and scale and spread the uv island through 4 new create UVsets.
Process should keep relationship of the scale of individual island during UV packing  at  new created uv sets ( 4 uv sets for example)
Then I would be able to easily send model with applink to 3ds max and I should get proper multiUdim layout with
uv tiles named "name".1001, "name".1002, "name".1003,.....etc

Do you know what I mean?

Please see attachment


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- Would be possible to add function to pack UV to multiple UVset automatically ?

At this time of development the process is manual.

If it can be done automatically -as future development- it is a question that exceeds my knowledge and I have no answer.

So please send this feature requests to Andrew Shpagin at



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