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Missing maps?


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Hi again everyone,

So sorry to keep posting my newbie questions. I have been scouring the  forums for answers,but can't seem to find the answer I need.

I have been testing the baking, even though I have followed the amazing advice from Abranger and lots of videos on you tube, I can't seem to make it work. I am clearly missing a step somewhere.

I have my High Poly model and my Low Poly retopo all named and on layers.

 The Uv seams all done, the uvs packed the way I need them.

I have to bake  parts separately.

 After  baking a part,  I go to the paint room and there is nothing in the texture editor.

I turn off the vox tree and there is no lowpoly model with any baked goodies on it.

Am, I missing a simple step?

All help, very much appreciated.:)


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