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[Solved] painting skips pixel in smart material, custom texture size problems

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I have multiple issues possibly stemming from my custom texture size but who knows. my entire game project is at a texel density of 0.72, putting a 1x1m texture at 144pixels squared.

This is a huge problem for the reasons outlined in 3dCoat.

1. Custom texture sizes dont stay.
If i set a custom texture size, although it sets, if i then go back into the texture size dialogue, it automatically switches them all to the closest power of 2, so if i then make a change to one texture and save, all the others will revert back to the closest power of two.

2. changing to custom texture size refreshes dialogue to top of screen.
I am working with multiple objects, changing the custom texture size will reset the dialog and revert to the top of the dialogue, forcing me to scroll down to find the texture again. btw because of u,v i haveb to do this twice a texture. definately needs to be fixed.

3. at 1:1 resolution in UV mapping paint on a smart material, the top pixel is always skipped. doesnt matter what i do, the top pixel is always broken, it will never paint over it.
However, if i change the scale in uv mapping to anything other than 1, it will paint?!

4. In the texture editor, non power of 2 textures do not work in smart materials in UV mapping mode.

Please help / Fix these issues.

Ben Swinbanks

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ill just tack this onto here aswell.

how on earth do I turn off edge bevels when painting depth. I am trying to simply project an already tileable texture onto the object.
but at the edges, it ALWAYS creates this bevel. I want that off and cant find an option anywhere.



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