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Hi folks, I have a question with regard to UVs. I have read other threads on a similar subject but found now solution.

- I am using only 3DC and I have a Scene I have done in the sculpt room. Its made of 3 separate Meshes.
- I make a Low-res decimated version of the the scene and export that as an .obj.
- Move over to Retopo room and import that Low red version via the 'import retopo mesh'
- Once that is done I do all the seems on each mesh, unwrap each mesh. all on separate UVs (or at least I think it is. they are not overlaped in the 'UV preview'
- Then Bake the normal to tranfer over the detail from my High Res to the Low Res Version.

and here is where I have my issue

- I move over to the paint room and even though on the Bake process it asked me about the three UVs I wanted to bake. in the paint room they are just stacked on top of each other...why?
 (Note, I looked in the UV room and they are stacked in there too and cant seem to find a way to separate them.)

I am miffed :S


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FYI. 3DC supports the baking of multiple uv sets if set up correctly.

Pictures of your retopo room workspace also would help, showing the full UI. 

Have you created 3 uv sets, you are not sure. There is always the normal (default uv set). This is first in figuring out your problem.

Tutorial... It is old but still covers the main points. Many things have changed but the main points have not.

Delete any paint room objects and paint layers before re-baking. This is just to be safe. 3DC will ask if you want previously baked objects deleted before baking. Manually removing, then you know for sure that nothing will cause the bake to have problems. 

Multiple UV set rules.

The polygons(faces) associated with a uv set must be residing in that uv set. 

Example. You create 1 uv set. Now you have two because default is there already. You must move the polygons or uv islands to the second uv set using the "Move To" feature.  Shown in video.

There are other factors, like are your sculpt objects occluding each other in parts. That is another step in getting a correct bake but I have not addressed it here.


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