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[Feature] Fill only 1 UV Island at a time in the 3D Viewport


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Hey Gang,

Just wondering if anyone knows a way to fill only 1 UV island at a time in the 3D Viewport with freeze or just colour?

Would save me a lot of time instead of hunting down the island in the Texture Editor. The program got into a weird state the other day and was doing this, and I'm unsure if it just bugged out or I found it by accident.

Cheers :D

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Create a UV ID map; make a layer where each UV island is filled with its own random color. Then fill with freeze & paint tolerance the piece you want to work on in the viewport and invert. Clear the freeze to work on the next piece.

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You welcome.

It certainly seems like a very complicated solution for something that is so easy to do in the UV and Retopo room. I hope we can develop a way to select Island in the paint room like those two.

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I was thinking about... another way is to use Simply Polygon stroke.

Use it with View > wireframe and view seams (w and shift+w) enabled

This stroke mode allows you to draw masks quickly by selecting polygons.



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