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blackant Master

[SOLVED]Degenerated Mesh and UVs

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this bug is happening actually often, (3dc 4.8.15(DX64))

lets explain it:

- i do my model in max, using splines and edit poly,

- i export them to Zbrush, modify it in High res and can sometimes export back the low res when the mesh is not to much modified

- once my High res model is done i explode each part into max and fit each low res part over it

- i export high res version and low res version for retopo

- inside 3dc, i import high res mesh a reference mesh and low res inside retopo room

- now i can start working retopo by layers, and sometimes i must add some edge loops to my model, so i use Split Rings

- i get this:


- this part doesn't work, i'm unable to Clear seams and rework them nicelly, doing it manually (Ctrl+clic) doesn't work, but works on unbroken parts

- i exported the mesh to max and reimported it, and get no change at all

- i tryed to merge vertices, it works, they are not splited


- but if i come back to my topology and cut this part, the UV are broken another time:



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Another case,

following the sae workflow, but this time, i take the time to unwrap my mesh before anything else:


- This time the Unwrap is clean, but saddly i need more edgeloops at the end of my object, so i need to split it again:


-and if i put my mose over any next edgeloop i would like i can see clearly that it will not be what i espect:


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