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Paint strokes ugly, Can't apply spline image


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Hello! I am on the last 3 days of my 3dcoat trial (which unfortunately I only just started using a few days ago) and was really liking it, but ran into some trouble.

First of all I can not figure out how to apply the Spline Images. I am following the official 3dcoat youtube tutorial on painting. In the video he says to press "enter" to apply the image, yet for me nothing happens.


The other issue I have is the horribly ugly paint strokes. With pen pressure activated it creates horrible shoe lace ends (a problem often seen on photoshop) Also the strokes themselves are just bumpy and not smooth.


Here is an example







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I do not know what kind of tablet you are using. I have no problems with end strokes or beginning strokes. I use a Wacom Intuos 3

Turn on Steady Stroke (Lazy Mouse) to even out your strokes. Upper left part of the interface in the paint room. Most major applications have this feature to steady out our strokes.

Set the parameter at what you need. 15 is the default. I generally find I need lest than that amount.

Plus check your tablet settings.

Spline images. Could show a screen cap of the tool / spline you are using...


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Added photo.
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