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[Solved] Baking problem

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today i'm experienceing a strange bug i never seen before: using 3dc 4.8.15(DX)


What you see here is the result of the baking i just made...
the white mesh is the reference mesh used (import > reference Mesh)                                                   > Datier_LOD_0 + Object001

the other dark mesh is the retopo with baked texture                                                                                   > Datier

In the Tweak room i have this bug:

hidding Datier_LOD_0 Layer:


Hidding Object001 Layer:


Hidding Datier Layer:


it behave like if this Retopo has been projected on Object001 Layer But Object001 Mesh still reacting sepratly from Datier Layer...




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this bug may be caused by the reference mesh used or baking parameters when inner shell may be conflicted to much with the mesh (for grains i used many small spheres)

after a turn in ZBrush and some dynamesh works, the baking has been perfect.


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