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Adjust Light Angle Doesn't Work Anymore.


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one of the button that I like was adjust the light angle so I can see the shape better when I have shadow. HOwever, it seem has been disable even in 4.7.

Don't know why. Maybe it has been moved to different area? or using different tool to change light direction? any help?

Also seem the shadow is very lowres. how can I change that?




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I had forgotten about this, a possible bug. 

With  cast shadows selected under the geometry menu and in gradient view mode, you could adjust the light vertically and horizontally. 

Now if you move the light vertically it dims the light intensity. This I would call a bug. 

Moving the light horizontally still works casting horizontal shadows.

FYI--- some shaders do not respond to Cast Shadows.

A temporary workaround:

Here is a simple Exr I created that will cast a 12 noon shadow. When ask to normalize the image select "Yes". Blur to 3 or 4.

I posted in the Beta fourm about the possible bug.



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It's not working for me in 4.9.65 and frankly it's sort of dissatisfying even with shadows off in that I can only move the light from side to side and not position it any angle I want. Hopefully in the 5.0+ versions we'll have a better lighting system for the sculpt room. 

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