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Middle mouse button substitute?


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I have a laptop and impossible to use a middle mouse button as I don't have one. Blender 3d has an "emulate 3 button mouse" feature for laptop users in it's preferences, but I can't seem to find an equivalent feature in 3dcoat. It's honestly slowing down my workflow by a bit.

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You can fully customize the navigation to your liking.

On the top right corner of the 3D viewport is a "camera" button, click it. Camera > Customize Navigation.

For all of the navigation settings, turn on (check it) both "Inside the object" and "Outside the object".

You'll be creating conflicts with other functions (such as brush size and depth) and need to change them to another function if you want to use them without hotkeys.

You might also have some other conflicts that I'm unaware of, but that should set you on the right path to customizing the controls how you want them.

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I'm using a Mac -   and the Apple Magic Mouse (which works really well for most apps) doesn't have a middle mouse button and as others have pointed out -  there's no easy way to swap out middle mouse button actions without manually editing all MMB related bindings.  I've done this for a few (I've set RMB + Cntrl as a replacement) but a general pref to "emulate MMB" using a modifier key (Ctrl key works well on Macs - since we still have the Cmd key for keyboard shortcuts) would make using 3DC on Mac much more viable (Zbrush is a lot Mac-friendly in that regard)

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