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3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

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Initial scale question popup. You select yes or not ?

Is Scene scale ok ? (geometry > edit Scene scale)




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You are correct, if I choose no, then it works. If I click yes, then they get rescaled. Actually, now I understand what this box is for. I didn't understand it before :) However, I would think that if I scale the imported then apply, regardless of what my initial option was, shouldn't it behave as I control it upon applying it?

Regardless, there may be a use case for this behavior. At least I know how to revert it back (Geometry->Edit Scene Scale)


By the way, you always answer quickly, even on the weekends. Sometimes I feel bad for posting questions on weekends. Thanks a lot!

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Perhaps Carlos has morphed into a virtual entity that never sleeps. For instance, I'm on the west coast of N America and you posted around 9:00 PM my time when I'm watching Netflix .

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....looks as though you are trying to paint a bump/normal map on an obj that has not been retopoed or UVd yet, bump painting only works on texture maps.

( apologies if Ive misinterpreted your vid.)

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6 hours ago, stusutcliffe said:

.... 아직 retopoed 또는 UVd되지 않은 obj에 범프 / 노멀 맵을 페인트하는 것처럼 보이지만 범프 페인팅은 텍스처 맵에서만 작동합니다.

(아이디가 당신의 화상을 잘못 해석하면 사과드립니다.)

The 21st version is good.But not from version 22~23 ㅠㅠ

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2 hours ago, superman punch said:

.3dcoat 4.8.22/3dcoat 4.8.23

 The version is not available.

3dcaot 4.8.23SL 
It works very well.

Oh. That's right. SL stands for Sculpt Layers. Andrew is offering builds with it and a version without it, for stability purposes.

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Hi at first thanks to try keep unit scale between session for new beta. But what I really annoying thing is,, 3d coat unit seems not apply for grid.

I import 1m cube from blender with default scale (1.0) as obj.

then I set  Unit  etc ,

1 in sculpt room>geometry>Edit scene scale ,   scale 1.00 and all off set = 0.00   ,

2  geometry > Define mesurement units  , set  Units = Meters,  Voxel per unit = 1000 (so I hope to generate voxel  1 mm density), Unit scale = 1.00

3  I set Measure tool option,   Units as meters = 1M

So in my pic, it seems correctly shown. But I needed to tweak around for Grid units,,,    as I mentioned,,  I set 1 unit as 1 meter.

but 3d coat grid seems not use the 1M units, even though I set up-so.

I needed to set Grid Step as "1000," "0.001" (edit),  then it can show reasonable 1m grid (division 1) .  when  I set Grid Step as 1 without knowing it,, my obj is too small in 3d view. 

so I needed to serch around what cause problem still.  untill I set grid step as 1000,  I can not find any grid to get aproximate size,   without mesure tool.

I do not think, it is reasonable.  usually I expect, mesurement units = grid units.

  so Grid step seems try to count voxel density too?    and I hope to know, what means, "keep unit scale between session" ?

because once I close 3d coat, then next time I import new obj for paint room, I needed same step from scratch. 

 So I need to save scene first, and everytime use the scene untill import obj? 

 I definetly suggest, please offer option to use same unit scale, and grid setting in user preference. It is most important setting I believe.  

once I decide it, do not hope to change it for each session.  without I need to change them. 

It  is not useful, just to get same unit scale,,  If  I need to keep session or I need to use same saved file to import obj,  everytime. 



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3d Coat  beta  (windows 4.8.23(64bit)) ,  winows 10 XP.

Even though I change "voxel per units" from 1 to 100 , there seems no change about,  geometry "voxel density" 

So it only matter for 3D grid ?  if So there seems no reason, we have menu for "3d Grid custom density"

I change "voxel per units" 1  to 100" ,  but keep measurement unit as 1m.    and import same obj, it do not change voxel density, when I check it with wire frame view.

But the voxel per units effect 3D  "grid". 

There are some properties  about "unit" ,but each unit means is really un-clear.

eg I change paintroom> measurement tool> tool option> measurements units ,from M to cm,

Basically I hope,  it never change actual geometry size. just change how represent actuall size.

so I hope 1M cube need to show as 100 cm.  but it not work so.  if I change "mesurement units",

1m cube change as 1cm.   at same time it change grid size.   


I think, to measure geometry for actuall world

1 world units .    it decide "1 unit distance" to import and  generate mesh.  from import format each values.

2  measure tool units ,  it never effect mesh size.   just change how represent "length". so 1M length = 100 cm  , if it not work so,  it can not work as measure tool.

3 3D view Grid density,  it simply decide sub grid counts of 1 units.  

4 voxel density, it decide voxel (for sculpt) counts for 1 units 

every 1 unit length should be same. and it decide by "world units"

So about 3d coat, each tool "units"  represent what value?  







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Possible bug in 3D-Coat-V4.8.23SL (demo mode)

Move tool triggers "hidden color information" icon in vox layer.

Similar thing in pose tool.




I don't know if that's how it should be.

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