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Imperfect subdivision on imported objects?

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I made a square in maya and subdivided it once. It looks like this with smoothing (keyboard "3") turned on.


This is the actual shape of the object, imported but not applied in 3dCoat


A lot of subdivisions and applied


Now behold: When spinning what was supposed to be a perfectly round ball, it wobbles - indicating that the subdivision isn't entirely correct.


I discovered this while trying to import a robot that needed its smoothing groups, but 3Dcoat would crash because of lacking ram when trying to subdivide it in the import object menu.

So I can't get a perfectly smoothed robot in there. I'd love some advice but I suspect I'll be told to get more RAM. (But I've got 16GB with a GTX 1070 GPU and SSD so...)

(feature request; why can't 3d coat like maya create a perfectly round ball, based on the information from smoothing groups? And why do I have to subdivide an object manually when really all I want is a result based on smoothing groups that doesn't care for the original polycount, but simply looks towards the layer it is being deployed on and smooths everything perfectly for you?)






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Is better to import the model as it, making all modification on your original app before import the model adding subdivision inside 3DC.

3DC is a sculpt app, not for hardsurface modeling.

Subdivision Surface modifier is an open request.

For painting please check this video


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