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Syblast - Overwatch themed character

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Hi everyone !

Syblast is an Overwatch themed character made from scratch, I used this project to improve my skills in stylized anatomy sculpture and I learned a lot on this one. The character was inspired by Joseph Korso from Titan A.E and more generally overwatch charadesigns. I may do other skin variations one day in order to explore how things may work on overwatch, but it's a fanart, and I know nothing I guess ^^"

I made this guy using : 

- ZBrush ; Sculpt & polypaint (IDMap) 

- 3dsMax ; Hardsurface elements except the Curveboard, then retopo + UVW 

- 3DCoat ; Texturing (using StarWars-Redemption's smartmaterials) 

- Akeytsu : Rigging/Skinning/Posing 

- Marmoset 3 ; normalmap/IDMap baking & lighting/rendering


Full project's link : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/veJvO 




Like always, I rigged/posed him into my beloved Akeytsu, if you didn't already tried you should, even if you don't like animating props or characters, cause it takes rig/skin and animating tasks on a clever way than you could find on any other software. Akeytsu was just built for animation, no more, no less. Btw rigging Syblast took me something like an evening, you got facial features and mechanical moving parts where you could expect it of course ;)



And here is the conceptArt I did in order to imagine what this character could be, as I'm not that good in this I only focused on strong shapes that may belong to this character and only him, I found triangle generators were a good thing with some kind of "vents/radiator" on it, these generators are just big cells which helps having energy throughout the armor parts ( like IronMan micro ARK reactors ^^ Yeah, I'm a fanboy of stark's metal suits =D )


And for those who are interested about the sculpt...;)



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A quick pose I did this evening =)

( By the way, thanks a lot for featuring on FB guys ! )


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