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Displacement Depth Factor export

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I need to access the displacement depth factor after exporting to obj. When using the vanilla export options (the one with checkboxes for color, roughness, etc and displacement options depth, normalization, extension) the depth factor is written into the .mtl file AND to a separate disp.txt file...-> Awesome!

When I use an export preset (e.g. Unreal 4), the export options UI changes and more importantly the Depth Factor doesn't get exported (not in the .mtl and no disp.txt).

Is there a way of enforcing that disp.txt file?



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Textures > Export > Displacement Map or Vector Displacement let you select map type.

Is this useful for you ?



Map type.jpg

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Hello, is there a way to have the export options for displacement (grey, black, normalize, etc...) in the main menu of obj and textures export?

because I need black not normalized displacement maps for my renderer and by default they are grey. Curently I have to re-export the displace maps with the dedicated menu to have the option available.


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