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Copy Clay (live clay brush) Surface Mode: Doubts and help


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Hey Everyone...

I saw some old videos (from Raul Fernandez) about the Copy Clay tool from Surface Mode - Sculpt Room.

In the videos, Raul Fernandez showed that when you copied some part of the mesh or when you load an object saved in a folder, a preview of the copy would appear in the brush before you even applied the tool.

1) I'm trying to use Copy Clay, but I'm not having this same preview of the copy in the brush before applying the tool. Is there something wrong or is there no longer a preview of the copy in the brush?

2) Please, could anyone explain all features of the the Copy Clay Tool (not only for me, but for everyone here in the community)?

I could not find explanation in the manual or video about this tool. :(

I already thank you for your attention.


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5 hours ago, Carlosan said:


Its not working as expected. Bug reported. Thx


Thanks for testing the tool ... I can not do the same thing shown in the video ... 
This tool is fantastic!
Unfortunately it has errors. If it works the same way it was demonstrated in the video and maybe be improved with some more functions, this tool would be unique and perfect!

1) How do Strict, Fill, Blend properties work?

2) How does Custom Direction work? I can not understand! I thought using the Shift key would work like in the transform or pose tool, but no. I try to change the transformation gizmo, but I can not. 



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