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light baking tool doesn't work!!!!help~~~!!


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Hello everyone
I am recently practicing 3Dcoat, mainly using it to draw hand-painted textures.

I found there is a convenient and useful function called “ light baking tool “,

but I can’t make it successfully by myself though watching varies Tutoria .

Please refer to the video, the function did not work successfully.

There’s no response to the clicks. Could anyone help me to solve the problem ? Thanks a lot.



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Seems like re-installing 3D Coat (try the latest Beta, they are pretty stable and I just used the Light Baking tool last night...so it works) might help fix it. Maybe delete the OPTIONS.XML file beforehand. That can sometimes get corrupted and exhibit bug like behavior. It's located in the "MyDocs/3D Coat 4.8" directory

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Also, try to make sure you update your graphic card drivers, since the Light Baking tool uses the GPU. Another thing you could try is to use the DX version. Sometimes the OpenGL version can have glitches. DX has always been very stable for me, so it's the only one I use. Seeing a black background tells me there is something going wrong with the viewport.

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