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Character for short animation

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on a character that will be used for short animations in a company project. 

This is the sketch / concept:


Currently I've made it this far:


  1. I used a capsule for the main body type and extruded simple arms and legs.
  2. Made a very basic shape of the jacket in the Retopo room.
  3. Imported it into the Sculpt room with the "Cloth tool" (great tool btw!)
  4.  Smoothed the jacket to get rid of small folds (too realistic). I want to keep a cartoony look.

Up next: Tweaking the jacket and adding details such als seems and zipper.

I've got one workflow question for you. The character will be renderd in a Maya / Arnold scene. Concerning the highest detail / quality, do u guys recommend certains steps (for example use microvertex painting)? At this stage i'm thinking of sculpting all the detail, even the fabric.

Lemme know what u think!

Grtz Ruud

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retopo it for animation pipeline bake and paint it .

Details on the normal map.

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