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Please stop developing 3D-Coat (for a while...)

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5 hours ago, AbnRanger said:

What is a mess is ZBrush's UI, IMHO. I never could stand it's foreign UI.

Despite all the issues the zbrush user interface has, it does get one thing right; user customization. Every individual button/slider/info-bar can be rearranged, and users can even make their own menus/panels. Though that said, it doesn't let users customize viewport navigation in any meaningful way (unlike 3D-Coat ).

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On 8/28/2018 at 6:44 PM, RabenWulf said:

Honestly, I'd even suggest NOT using 3D Coat for awhile... try some of other software out there. Substance Painter, Zbrush, Blender...ect  Sometimes its good to walk away from what you know to see what else is out there and how they approach certain tasks, or design features a certain way.

Actually one of the things that most intrigues me about 3d Coat is that Andrew has been the innovator that others must follow.  Zbrush's creators would be well advised to use 3d Coat and find out where they should go, not vice versa.  And that's a joke because I think they already have.

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On 9/4/2018 at 5:55 AM, AbnRanger said:

Yeah, the previous comment about the UI being a mess is highly exaggerated. Yes, there are some things that need to be improved. I think Andrew will probably address some of that prior to the V5 release. What is a mess is ZBrush's UI, IMHO. I never could stand it's foreign UI. If you look at Blender 2.8's New UI enhancements, it makes it look a lot like 3D Coat and Modo. Workspace tabs on the top. Tool Panel on the left and Attributes on the right side. 

Consolidating the Paint and Retopo Meshes will help simplify the UI and overall workflow, so I hope Andrew gives it a try at least by the early V5 (post release, if not before)

Yes, Zbrush UI is a mess and 3D Coat has a vastly superior workflow and UI. I attribute this mainly to the early influence of Meats Meier   and the emphasis at Zbrush on 2.5D workflow (I may be wrong on this but at the time that is what it seemed to me though it's in no way intended as an insult to Meats Meyer as an artist whatsoever).  I never liked the 2.5D workflow and the compromises it imposed on the UI at all and I found Andrew's straight up 3D workflow to be vastly superior.  



And back to the main subject, I've personally found 3d Coat to be much less prone to crashes (even though I've always used the latest untested Betas and alphas provided here) than with other programs. For me, 3d Coat has always been one of the more stable programs so I have no complaints on that account.

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My 2 cents that comes out of appreciation for 3D Coat and the developer / support team be hide it , -- NOT ATTACKING ANYONE , NEVER DID AND NEVER WILL --


3D Coat is a pro software , can do almost everything in a stable and professional manner. Easy to use and understand from day one.


How the main developer chooses to deal with the software , the time he splits to different tasks , the tools he is adding is MAINLY his decision and is NOT a simple task to organize and execute.


We as simple users , power users , pro users can only ask for tools that fit in a PRO pipeline , are much needed AND at the same time will benefit the simple users.


Developer can hear , analyse and IF possible and without causing conflicts with current tasks (and here we have the bugs coming back and forth and i say this from a developers view)

implement those requests.


I have also asked for a couple additions and improvements  , some times they were implemented  for all previous reasons ,  some times not  ,

again for previous reasons mentioned here.


Trick here , is to ask something that is not possible to happen even with using other software , we are not 3D Coat hot heads here ( i am in a good way ;) ), we all try to produce work and we use tools to accomplish this. Some we prefer more than other but thats how it goes , THERE IS NO UNIVERSAL SOFTWARE THAT DOES ALL TASKS , BUT THERE IS AN OPEN USER MIND THAT FINDS THE RIGHT TOOLS TO DO THE WORK.


So we all better stop arguing and try to help out the developer (ones who cares tries to help , simple as that , rest are all feature hungry users and dont use more than 30% of the overall existing tools already, talking from experience here)  , SO asking for tools without understanding the procedures will only produce chaos , delays , bugs and users frustration.


Developer for sure checks out other "competitive" software and evolve accordingly , BUT main inspiration is coming from inside studios and pro users , like it or not this is what drives

and pushes new features in any software , pro users feedback and how they use a software in a pipeline of tools.


From all the messages i read i see a lot of need for several things , ( nothing suspicious in my mind to cause damage ) that can be done by simply mixing softwares (not always the best thing to do BUT essential most of the times unfortunately) .


Regarding requested tools and  in order to get what everyone needs , takes time and patience.


So , long story short  , suggest , please stop arguing and let the captain do his thing as Don suggested.


Just my personal pure thoughts here .



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I close this thread now. All is said and the "discussion" is moving slowly into the wrong direction. People started again to compare one great software with another great software. This is not professional.

Nobody is forced to use 3D-Coat nor zBrush or whatever else. And if you are a real pro you will always use the tool you need to solve your work in a fast way. In my opinion a professional user can like one special software more than another but don't place other tools into a negative light. But this is happening here very often.

So well. Thank you all for your answers and opinions.


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