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Saving from VoxTree in 3b format... and file, task and asset management... ?


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Hey everyone,

I have 3 doubts:

1) Saving a mesh or object from VoxTree in 3b format. Can this 3b object keep all the work done on layers of sculpture related to it?
In the test I did, the 3B file does not save sculpt layers relating to the mesh of the VoxTree layer that I saved in .3b when I import this .3b file. With you, do the same thing happen?
2) I was thinking of separating objects from VoxTree (dismember the project into mini projects) where the main file could be lighter and smaller (
just a container for the mini files .3b files that are part of the same project ).
An example would be a sculpture of a character.
I separated in the Vox tree :
               * Character Container
                     |_ character mesh
                     |_ Cloth
                     |_ Accessories.

I would like to do something similar to what happens in the Blender program.
Having a main file and in it I would use the Append or Link method as needed.

When I worked on a 3b mesh and saved, it would automatically modify file 3b. and in the main project this file would be updated and modified.

Could I do something like that?
3) You could kindly indicate to me an open source or free program so that I can fully organize myself in my private projects in the sense of task and asset management, calendar and etc (preferably it is just a single program for better usability).
The program I was testing was Redmine, but it's complicated in upgrades and stuff. I also saw an opensource program called Tactic, but I did not understand anything, very complicated and I did not find any video that would explain the running beginner users like me.
thank you
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