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is it expected that retopo primitives are larger than sculpt ones??

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I mean the same primitive sizes in sculpt (no matter voxel or surface) room (at least for a box type), see the image for more clarity, the inside box was generated by sculpt box primitve with the same values (100, 5, 50) than the retopo but the retopo (outter box) is obviously larger....  is it expected this way??   Im using 4.8.20 

Edit: I just noted that is exactly the double (is there a parameter for this?, I understand that we want a retopo model to be slightly larger...)


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Go to the RETOPO menu > EDIT SCENE SCALE and change it to 0,0,0 and default scale of 1. What happens is importing objects will usually mess this up because 3DCoat asks during the import process, if you want it to remember the scale of the incoming object. When you say YES, it modifies your scene scale accordingly, and causes other objects, like primitives to come in at that same scale. It's good to check that once in a while, if you've imported objects into the scene.

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Thanks but it seems to be ok already,  and btw im not importing this from a file but from scult (voxesl/surface) room. Anyway since it's exactly the double size I just halved to get the precise size neeeded. Thanks again.


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