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Linus compares pro vs consumer GPUs, Nvidia vs AMD for 3D modeling and design

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This is the kind of data I've been searching for to no avail; there's a lot of BS about which cards perform best for artists and designers; this analysis seems to be the most clear in its results






I see it's gotten rid of the HDMI port and it's got 4 x Display Port 1.4 which at 6' to 8' supports up to 8K and there's a special plate for a single VR interface stereo plug.




He concludes that for handling complex models the Quadro Pro P4000 can handle thousands of parts in a single model and is the optimal price performance solution while even the best gamer cards don't even come close. I won't even bother posting the 32GB  VRAM Quadro Pro p6000 Amazon ad; it's something like $3400. 


Oh God...it's still so complicated








For modeling single core speed is of paramount importance so the i7-8700K was rated the best despite the Threadripper having more cores.





At 12 threads it's a pretty good price too



And the motherboard for that is pretty cheap.



Throw in a $130 for a case ( I want a server rack mounted case) and PS etc and wait for Cyber Monday and you're coming in with a really powerful 3d modeling machine for around $2200 or so, maybe less depending on the sale prices then.


Then in a year or two when the 64 core 128 thread Threadrippers appear with the lastest gen motherboards I'll still have plenty of dough to go for one then as a render box, game server, crypto miner etc. Ditto for all the 7nm and RTX stuff...





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