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Sureno House

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High Resolution Downloadable and Zoomable image for those who know how to read: http://www.kevinperelmanphotography.com/Gallery/Large/Sureno House Final Compressed.jpg
WordPress: https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2018/09/20/6845/

Sureno House – Political Artwork Based On My Life

While most of my art is fun in nature. This is the first Political Artwork I have done that has 90% truth to what has been done to my life to remove me from society

Political Artwork based on the Horrific Government agenda against me since childhood to remove me from society based on their labels and beliefs, with abuse of power, and violating the Constitution of the united state to accomplish my EXTERMINATION by fear mongering the masses worldwide in the largest historical crime against one man in history as we know it with the excuse “His kind cannot exist”

BEWARE: The judicial System will try to use the ART against me saying I am disturbed and crazy in what they have always done to my life

My World Wide Targeting info

For access to all the raw data on the last 17 years of daily stalking's to me:


Sureno House Final.JPG

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