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Gnomon rated as best school in the world for animation and VFX

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   International student awards scheme The Rookies has released its 2018 rankings for the world’s best CG schools, rating the performance of 580 schools in 87 countries.

The USA’s Gnomon – School of VFX and Animation for Film and Games topped the Animation rankings for the second year running, also being rated the world’s best school for visual effects.

Other category winners were unchanged from 2017, with Belgium’s Howest leading in game development, the USA’s SCAD in motion graphics, and Australia’s CDW Studios and Flinders University in illustration.


So how much does it cost?

$102,544.00 USD



Now each term is 2.5 months, say Oct 8 to Dec 17.  So that will be 30 months of rent.


If you want/need solitude to study in peace and tranquility then at $1700 per month for 30 months that's $51,000.00 USD

If you don't care and can share then it's  $800 a month for 30 months and that''s  $24,000.00 USD





So for 2.5 years of schooling you're looking at from $126,544.00 to  $153,544.00 and that's without calculating the loss of wages and groceries etc you'll have to buy in that time and transportation too if you can't find a place within walking distance of the school.



And when you get out what kind of a job will you get? How long will you have to serve as an unpaid intern?  


This is what happens to the best;




But who knows? maybe I'm just a cynical pessimist...

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A popular question from the students in the class was how can they get educational licenses to use at home. Well, we are pleased to offer students great discounts on V-Ray, which entitle them to fully featured, commercial-grade software, unlimited access to new product releases for the duration of their licenses, as well as free technical support. Learn more about our discounted V-Ray educational licenses.
https://www.chaosgroup.com/blog/v-ray-next-for-maya-secrets-revealed-at-gnomon-school-write my essay-licenses


They now have educational licenses for V-Ray, but who cares. There're so many alternatives now that with this amount of money (which could be supposedly spent on the school), you may afford everything.

Gnomon was my dream school 4 years ago, but then I was persuaded that an art school is a total waste of money and so I became a self-taught amateur.

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I don't think the costs per value is actually strong enough to warrant it, at least they wouldn't be to me if I were that age.  But I may be completely wrong.  Unlike an art collage or art university you are picking up actual skills and experience, and I think can pretty much walk right into an industry job.  How many years would it take working such a job to pay that off though?

Indeed I think for that kind of money you could do quite a lot of things, including perhaps, hiring an industry professional for some tutoring.

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