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How would you guy's do this in 3d coat?

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Hi guy's,

I am new around here and i was recently shopping for my next sculpting app and i am very interested in 3d coat after a video i saw here :

I come from Mudbox and i have experience in zbrush and no one on both forum were able to answer this except for Blender who had a working solution but not very good because it involved too many polygons to work with.

What i want to achieve is positioning snake scales along tapering body of a snake so all scales have equal distance between them and scale uniformly without deforming in the tapered tail section, here a few images to better explain :





Will be really appreciated if someone can find an elegant solution to this.

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Please check this videos, Hope that help


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Thank Carlo and i have already saw each videos but the only example that illustrate my case was the tentacle and the suction cups seem to be distorted but i will have to try it myself since the view was not oriented so i can see the tip of the tentacle.

But i am afraid the tapering at the end will distort the scales shape. The only working solution i found so far was using Blender array tool where we use an empty at the origin of our curve to scale the array along it and it does keep uniformity of object even with extreme tapering like you can see in the images i have put in my first post.

Will test it probably today or tomorrow since i didn't install the 3d coat trial yet and i hope there will be a possibility for a trial extension since i am in full swing production and 1 month will never get me enough time to trial the software correctly.

Thank for answering

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Unlike Blender, where we can change the beginning and tail for another geometry, currently in 3dcoat that is not possible to perform. 

For a trial extension please send related questions to Andrew Shpagin at



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