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[Solved] Smart Marterial Normal Map

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   I'm having an issue with smart material (normal map) resolution in the paint room. I have created a new material (cotton texture) and applied a normal map (1024x1024) in the depth field.

The surface I'm applying the material to has its own UV set (1024x1024). When I scale the material to the desired resolution I want, seen in the smart material preview, it does not paint correctly on the surface. I have tried the fill tool & brush tool and both give poor resolution on the painted surface.

Any help would be appreciated.






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The preview window renders at a Higher quality. You would need a 8k map in the smart material to closely match it. 

You will be limited by the resolution of the smart material images that are used to make the smart material and your final texture resolution for your image maps. Also is how well you are using the UV space, that is how your uv-islands are filling up the uv space.

I make all-my smart materials at 4K.

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