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cannot import multiple subtools from ZBrush

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I'm trying to retopo some geometry from ZBrush, whichever format i try I can not to get the geometry into 3D Coat in a useable fashion, what i want to achieve is to import my subobjects into layers, so i can switch them on and off and Retopo them as separate objects then bake and paint them and finally export the finished Model, no matter which way i import i get one mesh with no way i can find to split it into useable subobjects, i have tried to import multiple objects one at a time into seperate layers, this is painful but works to get the meshes in seperate layers, but when i try to hide those layers using the eye icon in the vox tree view nothing happens they stay visible, i have searched everywhere for a solution to make this process work to no avail, I really want to use this program but its lack of a simple ''import multiple subobjects as layers'' option is stopping me working with it .

any help greatly appreciated.




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Seems like a common theme to ignore people who need help on this thread. Or maybe people like to ignore the newbies. Anyways, what other software do you use aside from Zbrush? It might work better if you import your models into something like Maya, Blender, etc then export out of there into 3D Coat. I myself have good luck using Blender for my exports. Just make sure to zero out your transforms and scaling.

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I do not have Zbrush but if the subobjects in the exported zbrush obj file are separate objects/materials, then you can try the below. 3DCoat does see seperate objects in a obj file...

In the import tool dialog box chose "Merge to separate volumes"  This will create a layer for each subobject.

Choose to "Import without voxelizing" if you want the obj file to be a surface mode model instead of a voxel model. 

Surface mode is true polygons and is not resolution based as voxels are...


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