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Zbrush migration to 3Dcoat Sub D workflow?


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Iv introduced a guy into the world of digital sculpting, and Im a Zbrush user but now his demo has run out Im trying to find him the best affordable alternative, zbrush 2018 is too expensive.  The reason why I didnt go with Zbrush core is they ripped too much out, one such tool its auto retopology tools Zremehser.

Iv had a go inside 3Dcoat but I cant seem to adopt the same workflow, but maybe its possible with your help?  My work flow is not to jump into voxel, or as in Zbrush dynamesh or sculptris pro method of sculpting.  I found working from a low to med poly model helps develop of much smoother base to get the basic volumes and forms in place.  During the first stage id typicaly use a Sub d method to move up and down between sub d levels as I choose, then when the form is there id use a auto retopology in Zbrush called Zremesher, this provides me with a low to medium polygon based which has way better edge flow for better sculpting usages.  I do have the choice at this point to have made a duplicate mesh before using Zremesher so as to keep a more detailed version which I project onto a sub divided model in which was auto retopology processed.  At this point no voxel sculpting or any type of dynamic sub d, that can be usefull later on but in the initial stages I want to keep away from this and use a more traditiional sub d method, can 3DCoat do this, and if so can you point me to training that shows it please?


Thanks, Dan

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Yeah I got zBrushcore and they stripped way too much utility out for a hundred dollar program.  It's really irritating.  I think 3D Coat is the most versatile alternative to zBrush.  There aren't sculpting layers yet available but it's being worked on for a release relatively soon (it's in the beta version).  Typically I start off with simple voxel forms because it is very fluid and fantastic at achieving quick sketches, and then as it becomes more refined eventually move it to surface mode and then you'd go further to retopo etc.  In the sculpt room there is no sub-d that I'm aware of but I'd think increasing resolution is essentially what that is, it is very simple a button click, or alternatively a value you can type in.  I haven't kept up in tutorials on youtube  can't think of any on the top of my head that deal specifically with what you said, but there are lots there and know this is common and described.

Perhaps those here who have played around with the new sculpt layers will be better able to assist.

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