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Need help doing things in reverse...


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Hi All,

I have been using 3DC for a while and do not usually have a problem, but today I am trying to do things a bit in reverse and I am stuck.  Usually I bring a low poly item into 3DC and use that to create the retopo object and then work the high poly version of my item up from there to get all the details to bake back down.  I have this workflow down, no problems.  Today, however, I am trying to bring in a very high poly item (with a texture with diffuse, spec and normal) that is already UV'd and textured in order to bake it down to a low poly.  I think I am simply 'doing it wrong' but I cannot seem to figure out how to get it imported where the existing texture i have is mapped 1:1 onto the object.  I tried creating a new smart object but try as i might I could not get it into the paint layer to the right size and no repeats.  This seems like it should be such a DUH, but nothing I have tried works.  Is there a workflow tutorial anywhere that explains how to begin with a completely textured  high poly model (that was NOT textured in 3DC) and work your way down to a low poly item with that same texture applied onto it?**  Or can someone just give me the outline of the steps needed?

Is there some trick to bringing in a full UV texture and applying it exactly onto the model?  Any help is appreciated, thanks!



The reason I am trying to do this is to take a photo realistic scanned item and make it game usable and I do not want to lose the photo realism.

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Hi Carlosan, 

Unfortunately that one doesnt help (it was the only one i found before).  My model is not importing with the texture already on the mesh.  The place I am running into problems is trying to GET the texture on the uv mapped imported texture to begin with.  That is why I tried creating a smart material but try as i might i cannot get it to apply to the object as per the uv mapping.  

How do i get a uv map texture onto a uv mapped object exactly 1:1?

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