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Hi There,

I've been using 3D Coat for a little while now and this has always been an issue. Currently I'm using a file which is 300mb, model has around 5k polys, and i'm painting on one 4k UV set. The file starts off working just fine but as I start to add more and more layers it begins getting incredibly slow to open / send to photoshop, and most of the time crashes due to lack of memory / shuts my pc down all together. I find this a little odd as I have 32gb of RAM. Perhaps though I am missing something here. Does anyone have any ideas of possible solutions?

My guess is that it is something to do with the 4k texture size / the amount of layers i'm using (around 70, only colour no spec or bump), but it's difficult to compromise on these things.

Unfortunately I am not able to share the .3b file.

I'm using 4.8.09(DX64).

If any other info is needed, I'd be happy to share



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Sorry but look as your comp specs are not enough to work with 70 layers at 4K.

Try merging down some ones. 

Keep open the Windows 10 Performance tab, it provides data and graphs that show you detailed information on the current activity of the CPU, memory, disks, and your Ethernet/Wi-Fi connections.

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