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Creation of the surrealistic environment in the 3D-Coat and render it in Renderman 21.

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In this video, I show the sculpting process of the surrealistic world in 3D-Coat and render it in the Renderman 21. I've recorded this video a year ago. Then just added Renderman to 3D-Coat and I've set the task to create such a composition in 1 hour in order to understand the render and some 3D-Coat tools for quick speedsculpt in space.

Video content:

00:00 - 00:35 - Intro

00:35 - 00:47 - Demonstration of the final result.

00:47 - 2:52 - Creating a primitive and cutting a shape by using CutOff tool. Search for shapes by using 2D-Paint.

2:52 - 3:54 - Adding another primitive and modeling water surface. Applying of the water shader. Use Noise for easy detailing. 

3:54 - 6:31 -  Clouds sculpting. Using Noise tool for details.

6:31 - 7:48 - Test render in Renderman 21. Adding details. 

7:48 - 9:10 - Final render and post production in Photoshop.

9:10 - 9:50 - Final result. 

9:50 - 10:05 - The ending. Video preview of other lessons. A subscription button, as well as a button for support on Patreon.

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Enjoy watching!
Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.

Production  Music  courtesy  of  Epidemic  Sound" www.epidemicsound.com

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