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Similar function of Imbed (Zbrush) or Plane Offset (Blender) to control brushes in 3D-Coat

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Hey everyone!

I've been sculpting a lot in 3D-Coat, especially in Surface Mode. I tried to find here in the forum the answer to my question, but I did not find an exact answer to that.

I would like to know if there is a similar function of Imbed (Zbrush) or Plane Offset (Blender) to control brushes in 3D-Coat?
If I am not wrong these 2 functions are similar... (please someone correct me if I am wrong)

I would like to have better control on the surface of the mesh inside the 3d-coat, that is, a very refined control in the brushstrokes that I make.
Generally, when I used ZBrush, I left the Imbed low when I wanted to refine my brush strokes, thereby fully controlling the influence of the brush's deformation on the surface of the mesh.

Just to let you know, I know most of you know these functions, but I will leave the explanation of these Zbrush and Blender brushes functions so some people who do not know can understand.

Zbrush: Imbed
The Brush Imbed will control the embed of selected brush. Brush Imbed gives a brush a definite control on how a brush will interact with a surface. This will allow slight deformation on the surface or more extreme deformation on the surface.

Blender: Plane Offset:
Offset for planar brushes (Clay, Fill, Flatten, Scrape), shifts the plane which is found by averaging the faces above or below.

I know we have in the 3d-coat the sensitivity curve control button or the intensity of the tablet, but it's not exactly the function I'm looking for, just as we have the Edit Flatten Curve that is not the function I'm looking for either .

Any similar function of Imbed or Plane Offset in 3D-Coat?
Thank you

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Hey everyone!
I'm trying to use Curve Brush Pressure to try to control the influence of brush deformation on the surface of the mesh, but unfortunately it's not the same thing as the Imbed (ZBrush) or Plane Offset (Blender) function. I can not refine Brush's brushstrokes in the same way I did in the other shows I've talked about.

I have also tried to control through the Edit Flatten Curve, but it is intended for another type of function.

I used the Normal Sampling function in combination with the Curve Brush Pressure, but I could not have the effect I was wishing to simulate such an Imbed or Plane Offset function.
One tip from my experiments is that if you want to have a little better control in Brush you have to use that combination I mentioned above, mostly by editing the Brush Pressure curve for something below the linear graph that comes standard in 3d-coat.


Even making those changes, unfortunately, I could not find a function inside the 3d-coat that gave me the option to control my brushstrokes on the surface of the mesh.

If anyone knows of a function like Imbed or Plane Offset inside the 3d-coat, please share it with everyone.
I will continue to do my tests and if I find out I will share here with you all!
thank you

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44 minutes ago, Carlosan said:

There isnt a similar function of Imbed (Zbrush). 

This feature request still is open.

Feel free to add a +1


And drop a line asking for this request at support@3dcoat.com



Some time ago ( 2017-12-17 23:42 ) I had already added my vote on this task. I thought Andrew had implemented a function similar to Imbed within 3D-Coat during that period ... I reaffirmed my vote on Mantis and I will keep my hope of being able to count on this function one day in 3d-coat. :)

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