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New Sketching addon for Blender


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Right now I'm creating this  new addon for blender. I made this plugin for Mudbox in the past and I think that I know now how code this into blender too. Very basic Sketching addon idea. Here is a video how
it's working with mudbox. If you have a good ideas how to make this even better. please give a feedback. 


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The lines disappear when you change planes so you can't see the lines on both planes on the same time. It would be nice if you could choose to have the lines you've drawn remain visible even as you change the POV so that you can see the lines you've drawn on all planes.


Also you might want to add layers if possible so that for example you could draw lines on the YZ plane, create a new layer and then slide out another YZ plane over on the X axis so that you could have multiple YZ planes if that's possible.  I'm thinking of Catia V6's Natural Sketch  workflow here.


Of course Natural Sketch uses NURBS lines or splines.





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5 hours ago, druh0o said:

But how is that differ from the Grease Pencil?

Not much. This addon is using Greace pencil. Only difference is that strokes will slowly dissapper when you change your view. I like to use this kind of tool when trying to find ideas to my sculpts. 



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